Our Bees

We only keep Varro mite resistant Honey Bees. This does not mean that our bees are Varro mite proof. Instead it means that with our bees you have a leg up on fighting the Varro mite.

The majority of our bees are of Russian heritage and nearly as gentle as Carniolans. We also have an apiary dedicated to VSH Italians. We have been grafting our queens since 2015. The mating yard is located in the middle of our out-apiaries to help ensure quality drones are available. 

Only colonies that demonstrate the lowest Varro mite levels throughout the year are selected for grafting. Other qualities also used for determining grafting stock are honey production, propolis production ( high and low ), and gentleness.

All colonies are tested 3 to 4 times a year for Varro mites using either a sugar roll or alcohol wash. When mite levels are above 3 mites per 100, we treat using an organic treatment and re-test.

One of our out Apiaries.
One of our out Apiaries.